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We inspire growth in all children by engaging families in learning through play.

Sensory Charts & Definitions

The Children's Museum offers sensory charts for families who want more information on the sensory experiences available at the Museum's Chesterfield and Downtown locations. The charts contain information on the tactile, visual, auditory and movement opportunities at each exhibit. Click the buttons below to view our sensory guides for each location, along with helpful definitions:

Quiet Zones

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Children's Museum of Richmond ACCESS GUIDE

The Children's Museum of Richmond (CMoR) welcomes all visitors. This Access Guide provides information to enhance your museum experience. For further information, please call (804) 474-7000 or email


Accessible Seating on Carousel

There is a ramp that offers access to the Downtown carousel. Please ask the attendant if you need the support.


Adapted Art Supplies

Adaptive art supplies can be found in the studios. Please ask a museum employee for assistance. CMoR offers an adjustable art easel (Downtown), slantboards, lap trays, and a variety of adapted art utensils.


Field Trips/Classes

Our field trips are developed to encourage learning and engage students with creative and hands-on programs. We have different programs designed for students from Toddlers to 3rd Grade. We strive to apply Universal Design for Learning principles in our programming to increase accessibility for all learners.

Please call (804) 474-7002 or email for more information.


Guide & Assistance Dogs

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at the CMoR.


Physical Accessibility

The main entrance to the Downtown Museum is equipped with Accessible Push Plates on the far right side for easy entrance. There are a limited number of accessible parking spaces available in the front parking lots. Accessible restrooms can be found throughout the Museum floors. Both Museums are located on one floor for easy access to all exhibits.


Sensory Backpacks

CMoR offers free Sensory Backpacks available at the front desk to check-out during a visit for children with sensory sensitivities/needs or to test to see if an item is helpful for your child. Each backpack contains a 12 sided fidget-cube, weighted vest, mesh marble fidget toy, noise-canceling headphones, a communication card and sunglasses. Please return the backpack before leaving the museum.

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Social Narratives

CMoR offers several Social Narratives to prepare guests for their visit or field trip to the Museum. Select the appropriate narrative for your visit and customize for your child as needed.

Richmond Location Social Narrative

Chesterfield Location Social Narrative

More information, including a list of exhibits at both Museum locations, can be found by following the links below:

Chesterfield Location & Exhibits

Richmond Location & Exhibits

Visual Schedule

Download and print this customizable visual schedule to bring with you to the Museum. You can cut out the squares and glue them onto the second page to create a plan and decide what to see and do while you are here.

Pro Tip: Read the Social Narrative with your child to get familiar with the Museum before you make your schedule!

Richmond Visual Schedule

Chesterfield Visual Schedule


SEnsory Friendly Nights

Sensory Friendly Nights are designed to provide opportunities for playing and learning for children with disabilities and their families. This accessible and inclusive environment will include adapted materials, reduced noise, lower lighting, and a reduced number of visitors. Admission for families of children with disabilities will be FREE and additional sensory activities and cool down areas/tools will be provided.

Sensory Friendly Nights take place on the third Friday of every month from 5:00 - 7:00 pm, alternating between our Downtown and Chesterfield locations. Please check our online calendar for each month's event and to reserve your free spot.

On Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (“IDEA”):

The Children’s Museum of Richmond intentionally listens to the community we serve to ensure our experiences are made for children, families, and educators of all backgrounds. We center IDEA as a core value that plays a role in every aspect of our decision-making.

  • Our team fully supports this effort, from our volunteer Board leadership to our staff. All parties have been trained on cultural competency, accessibility, and gender inclusion. We know that there is always more work to be done, and will continue our education through regular programming.
  • Our commitment to IDEA is upheld through our Community Agreements and universal accountability.
  • CMoR will continue to further the development of these initiatives, including during leadership changes. IDEA is a core part of our mission, and we have designated a staff member to regularly review our policies to ensure they’re upheld now and in the future.
  • CMoR recognizes that equity is crucial to the work we do and the community we build. We invite all community members to join us.
  • CMoR strives to create an inherently inclusive environment through our organizational values and practices. Inclusivity requires intentional, actionable plans that are regularly implemented and maintained. The following outlines some of these initiatives.

CMoR Community Agreements

Anyone who engages with our programming and space agrees to uphold the values of the Children’s Museum of Richmond. Failure to comply with our Community Agreements will be taken seriously and may result in immediate dismissal from all CMoR content, events, or activities. We agree to hold individuals accountable for their actions on a case-by-case basis, guaranteeing equitable treatment and an inclusive environment.

  • We hold a zero-tolerance policy against ableism, ageism, anti-Muslim sentiment, antisemitism, body shaming, classism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, or any discrimination on all grounds. This includes bullying or harassment of any kind.
    • We honor the names, pronunciation, and pronouns of anyone with whom we interact.
    • If you feel you have been disrespected, excluded, or made to feel uncomfortable at any point, please contact a CMoR manager immediately to have the situation resolved.
    • If you need to address an incident after the fact, please fill out this incident form. We strongly encourage all feedback.
    • You may also fill out a comment card, located at the front desk.
  • We are committed to accommodations and inclusion for families with disabilities. 
    • Supports provided include: sensory charts, visual schedules, social narratives, adaptive art supplies, physical accessibility, sensory backpacks, and special programming for families with children with disabilities.
    • Questions about accessibility at the museum?
      • Review our policies and information below.
      • If you need to request an accommodation or have a question about our facilities, please contact
      • If you find that something is not accessible for your family, please contact We welcome all insights.
  • We include and welcome people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. 
    • We celebrate our differences and our diverse cultures, and want all families to know they are welcome here.
    • We are committed to scheduling programming that reflects our diverse community through cultural celebrations, multi-lingual programming, and partnership development.
      • Are you a community organization interested in partnering with the Children’s Museum? Reach out to
  • We aim to make the Children’s Museum of Richmond financially accessible for all families.
    • We are proud to participate in Museums for All. Guests who present their SNAP EBT card, EBT App, or WIC card will receive $2 admission for up to 6 individuals.
    • Additional admission discounts are available for senior citizens, military personnel and their guests, and educators.
    • Families may qualify and apply for our scholarship opportunities.
      • If you have questions about the application, please contact

CMoR’s IDEA statement was created in collaboration with Pip Collective.

Museum Policies

For more information regarding our Privacy Policy, Photography Permissions, Admission Policy, Sick Policy, Cleaning Policy, and more, please visit our Museum Policy page via the button below.

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