School Programs

School Programs

At the Children’s Museum, we offer school programs in two formats:

Both formats have programs designed for preschools, elementary schools, daycares, and homeschool groups. If you’d like to enjoy the museum without an educational program, just request a Group Visit at either of our two locations.

If you have specific questions, contact or call 804-474-7012.

Education Programs

All of our school programs align to current Virginia standards (Virginia’s Early Learning and Development Standards and/or Virginia Standards of Learning), and each is designed to support the learning priorities of our Learning Framework.

The Children’s Museum believes “Virginia is for Learners” and supports the 5 C’s. Core elements of our programs include:

  • Play and hands-on experiences
  • Embedded literacy
  • Executive function/life skills support
  • Teacher/caregiver empowerment

How to Request a Field Trip or Group Visit

To schedule a field trip or group trip, please complete the respective request form at least three weeks in advance. Each requested visit and program require its own form. Forms submitted with less than three weeks’ notice are not eligible for scholarship pricing, in which case the daily admission rate, per student, of $9 for field trips and $8 for group visits, will apply.

Prior to booking, please read all the information included on the field trip, group visit, virtual field trip, and Museum to Go pages. These pages contain instructions as well as tips for planning a successful school program.

Museum-based field trip programs inspire and engage students through hands-on activities, literacy, and art components. Admission price is $9 per child, although scholarship funds and grants may be available. We require one adult for every five children.

To enjoy the Children’s Museum without travel or time constraints, request an outreach program. Designed specifically for preschools, daycares, and schools, Children’s Museum to Go brings the field trip to you!

Note: There is a travel fee associated with this program model.

The Children’s Museum provides field trip education programs for pre-K to 3rd grade students, including students with special needs. All programs are aligned with Virginia Standards of Learning and/or Virginia Early Learning and Development Standards.

Not interested in an educator-led, SOL-aligned program? Free exploration without a program is called a Group Visit, and the cost is $8 per child. We require one adult for every five children.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, the Children’s Museum is able to provide scholarships and grants for children in qualified settings around Central Virginia to visit at a free or reduced cost. Please submit form and evidence of need via the online form or PDF.