Planning Your Museum-Based Field Trip

Program options and available times/locations may be limited due to the Museum operating under modifications to ensure safety. Please contact or call 804-474-7012 for information on current options, or submit a request using the online form below and we will contact you.

Note: Information on this page may not be in effect or may be modified.

General Information

Field Trips inspire and engage students through 30-45 minute programs that include hands-on activities, literacy, and art components. Field Trips are $9 per child and teachers are free. We require a safety ratio of 1 adult for every 5 children- adult chaperones are now $9/person. There may be scholarship funds available for those groups that qualify.

Field Trips are $9.00 per child.

Field Trip visits in the museum have been modified to meet CDC guidelines and consist of two components: 1 hour of exploration time in the museum exhibits, followed by a 30 to 45-minute educational program with a Children’s Museum Educator.

While there may be other field trip groups visiting at the same time (within space capacity limits), currently there will be no public admissions during your field trip .

A minimum of 10 children is required for a Field Trip Reservation.

For example: If only seven children attend a Field Trip, CM to Go, or Group Visit, you will be responsible for paying the rate of 10 children.

Field Trips may be booked at either Children’s Museum location.

Field Trips may be booked at the Children’s Museum Downtown (max classroom capacity =45 people) or Chesterfield (max classroom capacity =24 people). If you have a large group, you may need to book multiple days due to capacity limitations.

Field Trips are booked in a two-step process: 1) Online request; 2) Confirmation Letter

All Field Trip booking requests must be completed using the online form below. Reservations are not able to be made over the phone or via email. You will receive an automatic email notification if your online request was submitted successfully. Once submitted, please allow two weeks for processing.

Your Field Trip is not booked until you have received a Confirmation Letter from the Children’s Museum via email. This will include a detailed schedule of your Field Trip and serves as an invoice. Take note: your Field Trip will be scheduled based on availability while trying to honor your three requested dates.

Class size adjustments are locked in two weeks prior to your scheduled visit.

You will be expected to pay for the number confirmed even if fewer children attend. Please reach out to by the two-week deadline with any changes and to make payment.


Payment in full is due when you finalize your count two weeks prior to your visit. Please note that only one form of payment is accepted per reservation. We accept checks (deliver to: CMoR c/o Krista Dawson, 2626 W. Broad St. Richmond 23223), and major credit cards (call 474-7002 to pay). We are unable to accept Purchase Orders. Refunds for overpayment will only be issued if the amount exceeds $50. Amounts under $50 will be donated to our scholarship fund. A minimum of 10 students is required for a reservation. Reservations for under 10 students will be invoiced for the 10-student minimum. Please note that member privileges do not apply to Field Trip reservations.

Cancelations within two weeks of your scheduled Field Trip will result in a $50 Administrative Fee.

The $50 Administrative Fee will be charged regardless of scholarship status and includes no-shows. If your school or school district is closed because of inclement weather this fee will be waived and the Children’s Museum will reach out to reschedule your visit.

All teachers/aides are free! Field Trips also require a set ratio of chaperones as well.

The number of required chaperones (18 years or older) for your visit is based on the total number of children that attend on the day of your visit. We require one adult for every five children. Chaperones that are required to meet the safety ratio attend at no cost.

You may bring additional chaperones (adults, parents, caregivers, etc.) above the required safety ratio if capacity allows. Those adults will pay the same admission price as the student rate that is indicated on your confirmation letter or a minimum of $3 per person. However, if additional siblings or children attend (not recommended), those children will be required to pay the daily admission price of $9 per child, regardless of the rate listed on the letter.

Field Trips must meet the Children’s Museum Safety Ratio of one adult for every five children.

This ratio can be comprised of all teachers/aides or a combination of teachers/aides and parents, caregivers, etc. It is the responsibility of the teachers supervising the visit to ensure the required Safety Ratio is met on the day of your visit. The Children’s Museum can make the determination to cancel any or all portions of the trip, if the Safety Ratio is not adequately met.

Additional children, such as siblings, are not recommended for Field Trips.

If additional children do attend along with the classes participating in the Field Trip they are not considered part of the school group and are required to pay the normal daily admission rate for the Children’s Museum- regardless of the rate being charged per Field Trip participant.

Not interested in an Educator-led program? Book a Group Visit instead.

Group Visits require advance registration for groups of at least ten children. Visit date restrictions may be in place. Learn more here.


The costs indicated on your invoice may change upon the completion and subsequent approval of your Scholarship Application. Scholarship Applications should be submitted at least three weeks prior to your anticipated visit for consideration. Compliance reasons require that Scholarship Applications be received from qualifying schools each year, regardless of whether there has been a change in status from the former year. Click here to download the Scholarship Application.


Checking In (Total Field Trip Visit Duration= 2 hours)

Once at the Children’s Museum location, an Educator will greet your lead teacher, direct bus drivers to the proper parking areas, and escort students into the building. Your visit will begin with an Educator reviewing the Museum Manners with everyone in the group.

Please try to arrive by 9:15 AM to ensure you do not lose valuable exhibit time. Field Trips are restricted due to pandemic limitations.

Expected Schedule:

9:15 Arrival and Orientation

9:30-10:30 Exhibit Exploration

10:30-10:45 transition/bathroom break

10:45-11:15/11:30 (depending on program booked) Educator-led program

11:30 Departure

Absent Students

We realize that the number of students attending your Field Trip may change. However, your Field Trip will be charged for the number of students confirmed (changes can be made up to 14 days prior to visit).


Payment should have been completed two weeks prior to your visit. Call the Education department at 474-7012 if there are questions.


Due to health/safety concerns, the Children’s Museum is not currently allowing food. Please plan to eat lunch/snacks either before or after your visit to the museum. Water fountains are not in use but children can bring water bottles and water is available for purchase.


Teachers will be asked to complete a field trip survey. We rely on feedback to improve our programs and delivery! Please leave your survey with your Educator or at the Front Desk prior to leaving the Children’s Museum.

Photo Video Release

Please know that upon entering the Children’s Museum, you and your children may be photographed or filmed for marketing purposes. If this is an issue for anyone in your Field Trip please contact the Children’s Museum prior to your visit.

Have Fun!

We hope you have a memorable experience at the Children’s Museum! Please feel free to offer your feedback. We’re always seeking to improve our customers’ experiences. We (and our funders/sponsors) love notes from the kids too!

Please fill out the form below with your class information. You may also use this form to submit questions regarding programs that are currently offered.

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