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Decorating Eggs

April 9, 2020

It is almost Easter and that means it’s time to decorate Easter Eggs! Join Hillary as she explores different ways to dye eggs with materials found around the house! How to Make Speckled Eggs Supplies Sandwich Size (or larger) Zip Lock Bag 1/2 Cup Uncooked Rice Food Coloring Boiled Eggs Instructions Pour rice into zip…

Creating Art with Music

April 8, 2020

Art Studio Coordinator, Cameron Booth, explores how music can inspire art creations! This technique is great for sparking new inspiration and for calming down or de-stressing. We can’t see what you create! Share your photos and videos on social media and use #playaheadblog

Talking to Children about COVID-19

April 7, 2020

A social story by Dr. Shu-Chen “Jenny” Yen Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, young children around the world may have either experienced trauma (e.g., lock down) from the coronavirus or have been exposed to scary images about the virus through media. It is extremely hard for children to understand why social distancing is…

Play Ahead – Introducing Children to Books

April 6, 2020

Reading books to babies and toddlers is one of the greatest pleasures of any parent. Not only will you and your little one look forward to snuggling up together with a good book, but you will be making a significant step toward helping your baby to be a successful learner. Children who grow up with…

Play Ahead – ADHD Notes

April 5, 2020

Being ADHD means that I have different strengths and weaknesses from other kids. It means that while I may be able to run faster or jump higher than my friends, I may have a more difficult time getting my schoolwork done or doing chores at home without constant reminders. Sometimes it’s lonely to feel different…

Play Ahead – Early Emotions

April 4, 2020

The basic task of parents in the first year of their baby’s life is to make the child feel safe, comfortable, secure and happy. The newborn infant is totally dependent on the parent for physical needs and emotional needs. Bonding (developing a special connection with the baby) begins when the baby hears the sound of…

Play Ahead – Why Play?

April 3, 2020

Benefits Far Beyond Simply Having Fun Fred Rogers, the host of the long-running children’s show “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” once said that “play is really the work of childhood.” It’s true — just as work is important for any adult’s success and sense of well-being, play is a crucial aspect of a child’s development. Why? For…

Button Up Story Time

April 3, 2020

If your clothes had feelings, how would they feel? It’s time to play dress up as Krista reads “Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes” by Alice Schertle and illustrated by Petra Mathers.

Play at Home Guide: Read and Discuss Stories

April 2, 2020

Here are some easy activities that can be used at home to engage your children, and continue learning through play. This is a great way for your family to spend time together, help your children develop new skills, and have opportunities for learning through play. If you would like more information on supporting your young…

What Tech Can Teach Children

April 2, 2020

The benefits of technology aren’t hard to find in the daily life of a parent, from the convenience of saving a date on an online calendar, or simply being able to contact the babysitter quickly, at almost any time, to answer a question. But how does technology benefit children? And more specifically, how can play…