Access for All

The Children’s Museum is proud to offer access to Central Virginia’s premier educational play environment at such a reasonable price.

The Children’s Museum strives to provide every child with the chance to play, learn, and explore in a stimulating, hands-on environment. The museum’s doors are open so that all children in the community can benefit from fun, educational activities such as an afternoon in the art studio, story time with a volunteer, or a quality SOL-based field trip about simple machines. With contributions from the community, the Access for All program works with schools and non-profit organizations to provide admission, membership, and program tuition for children, families, and school groups who could not otherwise visit the museum.

Support Access for All:

Your gift to the Children’s Museum’s Access for All program will directly benefit underserved, financially disadvantaged children in our community:

  • $50 provides a group visit for a daycare center serving low-income children
  • $140 provides an economically challenged family with a one-year membership
  • $250 provides an educational field trip for two Head Start classes
  • $1,000 allows an entire grade level from an under-resourced neighborhood to visit the museum and participate in an educational program