What’s Growing in Your Garden?

Miss Pamela helps us think about what part of the plant we eat as she takes us to her garden and tempts us with a tasty book!

Published on July 28, 2020

Tops and Bottoms
By Janet Steven
How to Grow Carrots from Carrot Tops | Viet Garden Orlando

Growing Tops… from Tops

Try slicing off the top of a carrot and placing it in water. Once roots have begun to develop, you can plant your carrot in dirt and wait for a new carrot to grow.


Growing Bottoms… from Bottoms

Frugal for Less has a helpful series about foods you can grow from scraps. I like the faces that were added to the sweet potatoes to give them character! What kid won’t love that?

Goodnight, veggies
By Diana Murray
One little lot : the 1-2-3s of an urban garden
By Diane C. Mullen