Cling Wrap Watercolor

Transform marker art into a surprise watercolor with this simple technique using materials you have at home!

Published on April 22, 2020


Join Krista and Rachel and try this art experience with a surprise reveal!

What you will need: cling wrap, tape, water-based markers, water and paper.

What you will do:

1. Tape a piece of cling wrap larger than your sheet of paper to a table or counter.

2. Color with markers on the cling wrap. You can make designs or scribbles or pictures but remember, when you add water, your picture will blend and change!

3. Sprinkle or spray with water until colors start to blend.

4. Gently lay a sheet of paper on top of the colored cling wrap, pat gently to help the colors connect to your paper.

5. Lift your paper- check out your new watercolor!

6. Once your watercolor has dried, hang it up or use it to create another project- cut it, draw on it, make a card… let your imagination guide you!

7. Take a picture of your finished project and share it with us at #PlayAheadBlog!

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