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Published on February 1, 2021

mrs kim

By Krista Dawson, Director of Education at CMoR

I recently received an email from Tia Kim, an educator who has been creating a lovely series of videos on art, famous people, circle time and other interesting educational topics for young children. Concern for her students trying to learn remotely and parent requests for extracurricular resources to help motivate and reinforce classroom or virtual learning led her to start making her videos. I agree with her statement in her message to me,

“I firmly believe children need art to express themselves, have a release from the stress and pressures around them, and have fun. I also know many parents need help in finding edifying resources.”

With this intent in mind, check out her YouTube channel – and see what you think. I have checked out an Art lesson, popped some balloons to practice identifying shapes and read along to learn more about Kamala Harris (see below).

For free worksheets that go along with the videos, click here.

Here is a current sample of Mrs. Kim’s offerings!

Mrs. Kim (as she is known on her videos) sums up her motivation this way: “My passion to teach stems from these reasons: 1) I think that younger children are the most important students because they are the most impressionable and they are quickly set with correct or wrong values; and 2) I had problems with my eyes that made reading and learning very difficult, and I have A.D.D.  I did not know that I had these problems until I was in my 40s!  I wish that I had known.  I started school thinking that I was very smart and dropped out of high school thinking that I was not smart at all. Long story short, I have a special place in my heart for any children with any weakness or disability (so, all children), and I work hard to make sure that they know they are “so sweet, so special, and so smart” through my lessons (that quotation is my repeated confession and conviction that I share with my kids at the beginning and end of my circle time teaching videos).

I hope you will enjoy her creative and fun videos.

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