Talking to Our Children During Tough Times

Today Jess shares some talking tips for addressing current events with your child.

Published on June 10, 2020

photo courtesy of Rachel Dawson

Hey everyone it’s Jess again. The world seems to be upside down right now. Some parents are wondering how to even make sense of everything that is happening, and you’re probably wondering “How do I even begin to explain these things to my children?” Well, I have some tips to share from the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities on how parents can talk to their children about current events. 

Even though these kinds of conversations can be tough, they are necessary for growth and inclusion in our lives and communities. These experts also help us know how to share to manage the trauma that recent events can cause. My personal favorite is “Talking to Kids About Current Events and Conflicts” because they offers a list of books that can be a guide to start these conversations if you do not know where or how to start. I also like the conversations starters like “What do you know about the situation or group of people/foreign country involved?” Remember, avoid TMI (too much information)-really listen when your child asks a question and answer that specific question- you don’t have to elaborate on all the details as that can be overwhelming… TMI.

“Children need honest portrayals of a community at its best during a time we might be seeing it at its worst.” – The Open Book Blog

In these uncertain times it can be difficult to even know where to begin these conversations, especially with our children. I hope that this information has been a support to you and your family.

Photo of Richmond Protest courtesy of Rachel A. Dawson

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