It Only “Takes 5” To Do Family Time!

Need a mental health break? Jess is back sharing some great videos from SCAN called, "Take 5".

Published on June 16, 2020

Jess Caggiano

Hello, this is Jess. I am the Family Engagement Manager at the Children’s Museum. I recently attended a meeting with Peter Paul Development Center where they shared a research study that showed that our greater Richmond community has concerns about their family’s emotional and mental health. I wanted to share some useful tools shared by our community partner, SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now), I have been exploring their Take 5 videos. These videos are great tools for supporting both us as adults and the children in our car. The strategies have helped me with my emotional health, and I am positive that they can help parents and children in our community too

Take 5 Techniques:

One of my favorite Take 5 Techniques that SCAN uses is their ABC movement game. It something that can involve everyone in the family, it gets our bodies moving, and each movement is unique to a letter in your name. Everyone’s actions will be different based on their own name, which can make our children feel special.

Here’s are the movements for my name: JESS.

J=Tap your head, shoulder, knees, and toes five times.

E= Take a seated forward fold.

S=Twirl for five seconds.

S= Twill for five seconds.

I hope that these videos will be a great benefit to you and your family, as they have been to mine. I would love to hear what worked for you- share at #PlayAheadBlog. Enjoy!