Anti-Racism Videos

Raise your hand if you need some help talking about the issue of race and equity. Today we are sharing some video resources to do just that!

Published on June 23, 2020


Our wonderful partners at Smart Beginnings shared these quality videos from We Are Teachers and we thought they are a powerful way to help your child begin to understand the issue of racism in a kid-friendly way. They can also serve as great conversation starters as you engage around this complex issue with your child.

Watch them together and then ask open-ended questions (who, why, what, how, when…) to explore feelings and relate personal experiences to what you saw in the video.

Anti-Racism Videos

At the Children’s Museum, we are always learning and growing and want to be a welcoming environment where every child can learn through play and imagine themselves in many different roles as they explore our exhibits. We know that a strong foundation sets the stage for success in school and life and we are privileged to be a part of that foundation building!

We hope these videos empower both you and your child. We then invite you to the museum and take what you learned and put it into practice. Encourage your child to explore all the things that they can be…try on different roles- be a news reporter, an EMT, an artist… then go deeper and discuss how those experiences feel. Provide words that empower- “You had great poise as you shared that news report!” or, “You are so creative!” Narrate the play and describe the action- this helps children understand how their actions impact others and can lead to greater empathy.