• Thank you!! We had a ton of fun!! We had a LOT of great chaperones this year! I think this is the best our kids have been ever! our chaperones were on it! Thank you so much for seeing how great they were! We LOVED the lesson and we can't wait to come back next year!
    – CCPS Kindergarten Teacher
  • The most things I liked was the cave and I liked the news studio.
    It made me feel like I was a real adult.

    – Shajuan MacDonald
  • I really enjoyed the cave. I liked being a producer. My group made a clock, a frisbee, a hat, and a necklace.

    – Catharine Clamcy
  • "Unplugged: Coding without Computers" is a wonderful program and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a field trip.

    – Charles City Kindergarten Teacher
  • We loved the blooming butterflies program and Pamela was terrific!

    – Private School PreK Teacher
  • I would like to tell you thank you for our economics lesson during the field trip at the museum.

    – Anaya Holmes
Legendary Santa - since 1936
Sensitive Legendary Santa
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Legendary Santa

The magic begins when he calls you by name! 

Legendary Santa and the lovely Snow Queen have been delighting families for over 80 years. Join in on the tradition and watch Legendary Santa come down the chimney at opening each day and UP the chimney only on Christmas Eve! It is always free to visit Legendary Santa and professional photo packages will be available for purchase. Admission to the Children's Museum is not required to visit Legendary Santa.


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Genworth Wegmans

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