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Fill the Day with Play: Your Family Playbook for Making Any Time Playtime

February 11, 2020

Very rarely will you hear a parent or caregiver complain that they simply don’t have enough to do. Juggling the daily tasks and responsibilities of raising a family can often feel like a full-time job — and often piled on top of the tasks and responsibilities of another full-time job. Where can one find the…

‘Little Farm’ offers active learning for children ages 0-3

January 23, 2020

Click Here to learn more about the new and improved ‘Little Farm’ exhibit at the Children’s Museum Downtown! Want to learn more about The Basics? Check out this site!

A World of Holiday Traditions and Culture on Display at the Children’s Museum

December 13, 2019

Throughout the year, all four area locations of the Children’s Museum are focused on its mission of inspiring growth in all children by engaging families in learning through play — or as they are fond of saying at the Children’s Museum, when children play ahead, they get ahead. Some benefits of play are naturally more apparent than…

Art is in Play: Creative in Residence at the Children’s Museum

November 12, 2019

The Children’s Museum has built a reputation for engaging experiences that foster creativity in both children and their caregivers. Now, they’re doing so in a way that hasn’t been seen at the Museum in a generation, with the launch of a new Creative in Residence program with artist Nastassja Swift. Encouraging a better understanding of…

Children’s Museum helps develop motor skills with ‘play’

October 11, 2019

Click Here to learn about how children develop motor skills with play!

RVA Parenting Feature: Universal Design for Learning

September 13, 2019

Click Here to watch a video to learn about the Children’s Museum work with Universal Design for Learning!

Learning is in ‘Play’ at the Children’s Museum of Richmond

July 30, 2019

Click Here to watch a video about what it means to ‘learn through play’ everyday!

Ten Tip For Helping Kids ‘Play Ahead’

June 14, 2019

As any parent or caregiver can tell you, the list of responsibilities that comes along with raising a child can sometimes seem unending. Just keeping a child well-fed and well-groomed can feel like a full-time job, and that’s without even considering the social, emotional and academic oversight that we need in our youngest years. But…