Less-Stress Tips for Back-to-School

Start the school year strong with some consistent routines!

Published on August 29, 2022

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As we sadly (or gleefully) return to the rhythms of a daily daycare/school schedule, here are some tips to smooth the transition for both parents and kiddos.

  • Fuel up with a good breakfast- brains need fuel for learning. Keep it simple!
  • Set up routines for easier management of the morning chaos:
    • Have a specific place for backpacks and lunch boxes- this will help keep the “where is my backpack/lunchbox?!” to a minimum and ensure that food isn’t rotting somwhere unseen, and those oh-so-important school papers are not misplaced.
    • Have a consistent pattern for the morning (but tweak as needed). Kids thrive when they know what is expected and so do parents. There are lots of cute morning routine checklists available to download/print.
  • Set up for success the night before:
      • Layout clothes (check the weather report first)
      • Prepare lunch components for quick grabbing
      • Gather all school papers and complete homework
  • Build in margin:
    • Set an early and (mostly) consistent bedtime so young learners are well rested and ready to rise and shine!
    • Get up a little earlier to leave room for last minute changes or mini crisis.
    • Give 5 minute warnings to reduce the frantic, “We’re Late!”  or “ I can’t find my ______________!”
  • Keep it positive!
    • Try lunchbox notes- there are lots of printable options with puns or open templates- kids love them!
    • Provide some choices (limited) for more cooperation

Back to school is an exciting and stressful time for everyone. Building some routines that kids can rely on may help reduce a little of that stress and enable families to embrace the excitement more fully.

Good luck and here’s to a great year of learning and growing!