Count, Group & Compare: Practicing the Basics at Home!

There are lots of ways to build your child's brain as you go about your daily routine. Join Jess as she demonstrates one easy way!

Published on October 7, 2020


Count Group and Compare is one of the five RVA Basics and so easy to do at home.

Look for ways to count during daily routines and activities like…

  • picking up toys
  • setting the table
  • fingers and toes
  • items in the laundry
  • birds in the yard
  • cars on the street

What can you group?

  • back to the laundry: types of clothes- socks, shirts, undies, pants…
  • things that are the same color
  • or maybe group by use: things we use in the bathroom or in the kitchen
  • group by size: Daddy sized, Mommy sized, kid sized
  • What other ways can you think to group stuff around your home?

Compare! This is a little more challenging and you might need to help your little one think about this

  • which is bigger? smaller?
  • hotter, colder
  • think about giving your child choices and then comparing the benefits of each option. Like, “Should we go on a walk or play in the yard?”
  • lighter, heavier
  • Think about how things look, feel, taste, smell (use ALL your senses)