Book Bank

See how efficient our staff is when it comes to getting books ready to distribute in the community!

Published on April 27, 2020

book bank
Krista Dawson and her helpful husband prepare books for distribution to Richmond Public School children.

The staff at the Children’s Museum are really excited that we can support our community even while our doors remain closed for everyone’s wellbeing. We have been working hard to find ways to get books in the hands of children stuck at home with no school and no library access.  Our Children’s Book Bank has lots of new and like-new books that are just waiting for a child to add them to their personal library. As a person who used to be a kindergarten teacher and also spent a decade of my life as the Richmond Public Library’s Early Literacy Coordinator, I totally know how important having books in the home is to a child’s school success- our whole team at the Children’s Museum is behind this effort and we have already distributed over 2000 books through food distribution sites and are coordinating with folks from Chesterfield and Richmond to get another 2000 books ready to distribute. We have even more books we would love to send out so if you know of a need, reach out to me at and let’s talk.

If you have been reading and re-reading all your books at home (great for children’s brain development but a bit tiresome for parent brains) and are ready to part with any books still in great condition- if we pass out all our book stock, we will be in need of fresh donations. So, when you are cleaning out those closets and doing your spring cleaning, hold those books for us. We are planning to host a book drop off later this spring. Watch our newsletter and social media for more information.

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