Baby Shower Request Form

*Please note that by completing this form, you have NOT yet made your reservation. We will contact you within 2 business days to finalize your reservation. 

Baby Showers are currently only available at our Children's Museum Downtown location (2626 W. Broad St.). 

Contact Information

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Rental Information


Pricing Based on Number of Attendees

Up to 20 Attendees = $250 
Between 21 - 45 Attendees = $350 

The maximum number of attendees for our Downtown location is 45 people. 

Please keep in mind that all Children's Museum locations require that there is one adult for every five children on the museum floor. 


Balloon Package - Balloons are inflated with helium and tied for you before your party. Additional balloons can be purchased at $1.66 per balloon. Already have your balloons? We can also inflate your balloons for $1.66 per latex balloon, $1.50 per small foil balloon, and $10 per large foil balloon. 

Carousel - Enjoy two private rides for each child included in your party!