Meet Guest Blogger, Mr. Mosley the Music Teacher

Explore & discover influential musicians with guest blogger, Mr. Mosley the Music Teacher!

Published on December 2, 2022


Hello, my name is Mr. Mosley the Music Teacher, I was born in Brooklyn, NY & moved to Dallas, Texas 1 year ago. I have been a music teacher for 20 years & currently am the music teacher at Arbor Creek Elementary (Prek-6). I am extremely thrilled, delighted & excited to be a guest blogger for the Children’s Museum of Richmond.

I started an educational children’s YouTube channel in the height of the pandemic, to support my music students with engaging, fun, and culturally responsive lessons.  Since then, my lessons have been shared in homes & classrooms throughout the country & internationally.  I have created lessons in subjects like math, reading & history- all with music as the common thread.

In this series, we highlight a famous musician, research their background & accomplishments & at the end, there’s a fun quiz to test your knowledge of what you’ve learned.  This lesson is about the life & times of musician, songwriter, disc jockey, producer, author, actor & film director, Questlove.

Test Your Knowledge

After watching the video, answer these few questions below.

What is Questlove’s real name?

When is Questlove’s birthday?

What surprised you the most about his life?

What instrument does he play?

If you were a famous musician what would your stage name be?

If you could ask Queslove one question about his career & being a musician, what would it be?


With whatever drawing materials you have on hand, draw a picture of yourself as a musician or DJ like Questlove.  Or, use a computer or tablet to create your artwork.

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Thanks so much for learning with me.  Take care, be safe & see you next time!

Mr. Mosley The Music Teacher