Perennials in Bloom…AGAIN!

perennial [pəˈrenēəl] ADJECTIVE lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.

Published on March 4, 2022


Spring is upon us. Let’s talk about perennials!

What's the Difference Between Annual vs Perennial Plants?

Did you know…

Plants that are considered perennials can come back every year on their own after staying dormant during the winter? Depending on the type of plant, these perennials can stay alive from a few years to even thousands of years (like trees). Nature is amazing, isn’t it?

Perennial Plants for Soil Health — Grounded Grub

Below is a picture of one of my rose bushes. To some, it may look sad and lifeless. However, its life and strength is hidden below in its roots. It just went through a cold winter, where the bush went dormant. Just like trees in the winter, the rose bush used all of its energy to keep the roots strong during this time instead of using energy to make leaves and flowers. But Spring is just around the corner! Can you see little green leaves on the ends of the branches? I think I see a tiny little bud starting to show itself.

I guess you could say, you can’t judge a rose bush by its branches.

 Look around your yard for perennials today. Go out for a walk to the park or playground. These plants may not look very strong right now, but just wait for a few more weeks. Be amazed at how nature is transformed every season!

Click here for a list of perennial flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits!

Have a joyful Spring season,

-Hilary Pokoj, Education Coordinator at the Children’s Museum