Cooking Together in Spanish

Make delicious cheese bread while practicing Spanish

Published on April 9, 2021


by Ms. Romi – Romina Faccennini

Are you ready to have fun and be hands-on while learning a new language? Kids love to create, participate and be involved in everyday activities. Preparing this recipe together will provide special time together while introducing and practicing Spanish vocabulary. Cooking is a great way to bring a new perspective into learning with connections to math, science, and new language targets. Are you ready to be “cocineros” & “cocineras” and make some delicious “pan de queso” (cheese bread)? 

¡¡Manos a la obra!! (Let’s get to work!)

Pan de Queso Recipe

“Los ingredientes” (Ingredients)

1 taza (cup) de harina (flour)

1 taza de queso blanco (sour cream)

1 taza de queso rallado (grated cheese)

Instructions Video

Here is the video for you to follow the recipe. It is simple to make, and delicious to taste!

¡A cocinar! (Let’s cook!)

Songs and Crafts

While you wait for the bread to be cooked, let’s sing a song! (¡A cantar!) 🎤

Do you want to create a special apron? I got these at Michaels, and personalized them with their names written with fabric markers. I even let the kids decorate them the day before cooking to add an art activity into the mix.

Now that “el pan de queso” is ready, let’s enjoy! ¡A comer! Let’s eat!

¡Delicioso! (Delicious!)

I hope that your children enjoyed being “cocineritos” (chefs)!! 

Extra tip: you can create flash cards of the vocabulary learned by taking pictures of your children cooking 🧑‍🍳 . Check the vocabulary list below.

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Vocabulary / el vocabulario – pronunciation

– pan de queso          pahn deh keh-soh 

– taza                            tah-sah 

– queso blanco            keh-soh blahn-koh 

– queso rallado          keh -soh rrah-yah-doh

– harina                      ah-ree-nah

– cocinero                koh-see-neh-roh 

– cocinera                koh-see-neh-rah 

– delantal                 deh-lahn-tahl 

– mezclar                 mehs-klahr

– horno                     ohr-noh 

– cocinar                  koh-see-nahr 

– marcador              mahr-kah-dohr 

– comer                   koh-mehr 

– delicioso              deh-lee-syoh-soh 

You can also practice being a cook (cocinero/cocinera) in our diner exhibit and leave the clean up to us!