Spider Web Fine Motor Activity

Learn the importance of fine motor skills and practice these skills by creating a spider web with yarn!

Published on October 23, 2020



  • Laundry basket
  • Yarn
  • Fake spiders
  • Kitchen tongs

Time needed: 45 minutes


  1. Thread the yarn through the holes of the laundry basket and tie off any loose ends

  2. Add the fake spiders to different layers of the yarn
    Modificationfor younger children consider placing larger objects in the laundry basket, like socks or stuffed animals

  3. Use the kitchen tongs to remove the spiders from the web
    Modification encourage younger children to use their hands to collect items from the basket as they navigate the spider web

Activities like this help young children work on perseverance, while enhancing fine motor skills! You can easily add in some math by helping your child count the spiders (or other items) they get out of the web. Use specific encouragement that focuses on your child’s effort, “I like how you keep trying to get that spider!” or just narrate what you see your child doing. This builds both vocabulary and helps develop a growth mindset

The Importance of Fine Motor Skills

A child’s fine motor skills are essential for performing academic, play, and self care tasks and daily routines. Things such as holding a pencil, tying shoelaces, completing puzzles, and brushing your teeth all use fine motor skills.

For more information about fine motor skills, please visit: https://childdevelopment.com.au/areas-of-concern/fine-motor-skills/

Consider Teaching Related Rhymes

Here is an example! Another example would be “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”