Bringing the Basics to Baking (Talk, Sing & Point)

Children's Museum educator Hilary shares some simple strategies to making baking a great learning opportunity with your child...and it's fun!

Published on May 22, 2020



  • Narrate your activity
  • Match your words to your actions to help connect and deepen meaning
  • Point as you explain
  • Be specific
  • Create simple songs using common tunes to help anchor learning Here’s the example from the video: TUNE: London Bridges Stir the batter, stir it well, stir it well, stir it well. Stir the batter, stir it well, Now it’s time to BAKE!

For more tips and information about The Basics, check out our region’s new resource website: RVA Basics (Look closely and you will see our own Little Farm exhibit in many of the pictures!).