Sweet Potato Prints

No stamps, no problem! Create your own using things found in the kitchen.

Published on April 27, 2020


Creating with stamps can be so much fun. Layering patterns, mixing colors, the possibilities for your creation are endless! But what if you don’t have stamps? No problem! We’re going to create our own using Sweet Potatoes (any potato will do).


  • Sweet Potatoes (cut into slices that are easy to grab)
  • Various kitchen utensils (explained in the video!)
  • Paintbrushes or another way to apply paint to your Sweet Potato Stamp
  • Paint (acrylic works best)
  • Thick Paper
  • Bubble Wrap (optional)
  • Cardboard (optional)


  1. Begin by creating a background by coating your bubble wrap and card board with a thin layer of paint. Press these items against your paper to transfer the paint. You will see the texture created by these materials.  Set these prints aside to dry, as they will be the background of your sweet potatoes prints!
  2. Using the cut up sweet potatoes and your various kitchen utensils begin to carve various textures into the surface of the potatoes.
  3. Once done carving, coat the surface of the sweet potatoes in paint and stamp them onto your dried paper from step one.
  4. Let your prints dry and repeat step three until you reach your desired final product!

This art project was inspired by Ms. Hartline, the art teacher at Chimborazo Elementary. You can find more neat ideas that Ms. Hartline has put together on her website.