Snow Ambassador Scholarship (2)

Each year, the Children's Museum of Richmond offers a college scholarship for a high school junior who most exemplifies the character of CMoR’s Snow Ambassador. We were so impressed by this year's applicants and have narrowed it down to four finalists for our $1,000 higher education scholarship. Now we need you to help us pick a winner!

The Snow Ambassador should demonstrate creativity and act as a role model for all children, regardless of their age, ability, or background.

The Children's Museum of Richmond exists to inspire growth in all children by engaging families in learning through play.

Please read more about our exceptional finalists below and cast your vote for the next Snow Ambassador! Voting closes January 6, 2023.

Jackie Branch

Being the Snow Ambassador would allow me to share how the Children’s Museum gave me a great foundation to learn about different cultures through play and sparked my creativity as a little kid.  Sharing my personal experience would make my representation authentic and inspire other children of color and their families to see the Children’s Museum as a safe space to play and grow consistent with the mission of the museum. Additionally, I have successfully balanced academics, my volleyball life, and community service in various areas.  It would be an honor to serve the Richmond Metro community in this role.

Ava Flournoy

Three reasons immediately came to mind when asked why I should be this year’s Snow Ambassador. First, it would be a dream come true. After spending so many years at the Children’s Museum talking to Santa Claus and the Snow Queen, I have always wanted to have the opportunity to greet excited children visiting Santa. Second, I have a heart for helping people in our community, and this opportunity allows me a unique way to get involved. Lastly, I want to help children and families “learn through play” and offer ways to make the community a better place.

Caroline Roberts

One of my many passions is working with children and I would love to help ring in the Christmas spirit next year. My family has been going to the Legendary Santa for over sixty years, and as a little girl I remember getting the chills every time Santa would climb up the chimney Christmas Eve. I want to help children who may not have much on Christmas by bringing them joy through the Legendary Santa. Getting to bring a smile to a child’s face is quite possibly the best thing someone can do, and getting to bring that to someone is what I hope to do as Snow Ambassador.

Delaney Martin

Educating children is so important because they will be the next change-makers of the world! I currently lead kids through a program at the YMCA to help them strengthen their leadership skills. I hope to study pediatric speech-language pathology. The opportunity to work with the Children’s Museum, whose mission is to nurture growth within children and families, will strengthen my leadership experience as I work towards my profession. Hands-on experience like this is a rare but beautiful thing to find. If chosen for this role, I hope to make a positive impact on the children I get to work with!

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