Snow Ambassador Scholarship (2)

Each year, the Children's Museum of Richmond offers a college scholarship for a high school junior who most exemplifies the character of CMoR’s Snow Ambassador. We were so impressed by this year's applicants and have narrowed it down to three finalists for our $1,000 higher education scholarship. Now we need you to help us pick a winner!

The Snow Ambassador should demonstrate creativity and act as a role model for all children, regardless of their age, ability, or background.

The Children's Museum of Richmond exists to inspire growth in all children by engaging families in learning through play.

Please read more about our exceptional finalists below and cast your vote for the next Snow Ambassador! Voting closes January 1, 2022.

Carlisah Benbow

Carlisah is a junior at Highland Springs High School where she participates in Young Black Achievers and the Advanced College Academy program with dual enrollment at Reynolds Community College. Carlisah also has volunteer experience with Work of Art RVA and Bags for the Homeless.

When asked about why the Children's Museum's mission is important to her, Carlisah answered:

"I believe that the mission of inspiring growth in all children is especially important because the children today are our future, of course. Doing this by engaging families in learning through play makes it more interactive and fun. Going to the children’s museum throughout my childhood was some of my most memorable and fun times. I remember going through all of the exhibits thinking things like 'Oh, what is that and how does it work?' The children’s museum has always been a place where my imagination could roam free while subconsciously learning about science, different careers, and so much more. For this mission to still be going on today makes it incredibly special to me."

Caroline Johnson

Caroline is a junior at Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies where she is active on the track and field team and helps organize the Spanish Conversations Club. Caroline also volunteers with Chimborazo Elementary School and avidly participates in KDents TV, which provides Richmond youth with film and production experience.

When asked about which qualities are important for leaders to have, Caroline answered:

"I think one of the most important qualities for a leader to have is the ability to encourage strategic and logical thinking for greater innovation and beneficial action. People who have this trait are able to think about the big picture. Another quality of leadership having an awareness of others and empathy for others. Getting out of oneself to serve others makes time fly."

Peyton Schwarz

Peyton Schwarz is a junior at Midlothian High School where she is actively engaged in the International Baccalaureate program, National Art Honors Society, and the Spanish Club. Peyton values giving back to the community, opportunities to be creative, and working with others to achieve common goals.

When asked about her own qualities, Peyton answered:

"I believe that I am a good listener, I am always willing to listen to people no matter what, I love being able to help people when they are in need. I enjoy being able to help people, I love problem solving and working together with others to solve issues. I am a creative person, I love crafts, I love learning about different styles of art and finding new ways to create. I am willing to point out my own faults when I am wrong, something that I feel is also extremely important to being a leader and I am willing to educate myself when it’s needed. I hope that I am a person that a lot of my friends and family can depend on because I care about them and am willing to help them no matter what as they are extremely important to me."

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