Congratulations to Ticket #0127, the winner of the 7th Annual Tuition Raffle!

7th Annual Tuition Raffle

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The cost of tuition rises every year—so it’s important to start saving for your child’s education as early as possible. And now through June 14, you have the opportunity to turbocharge your child’s savings plan with the Children's Museum’s Tuition Raffle! Each raffle ticket costs just $50! The lucky winner will receive $50,000 deposited into an Invest529 account from Virginia529. Invest529 accounts have held Morningstar’s top rating for years, and offer your family a tax-advantaged way to prepare for the costs of future education including accredited post-secondary educational institutions, associate, graduate level, and professional degrees- and even private K-12 schools. But hurry—when June 14 arrives, your chance at $50,000 disappears!

About Virginia529 and Invest529 Accounts:

Virginia529 started in 1994 when the Virginia General Assembly authorized a program to help citizens save for the increasing costs of higher education.

One of the earliest 529 plans formed, the Virginia Higher Education Tuition and Trust Fund—which evolved into Virginia529—began offering a prepaid tuition plan in 1996. Over the next twenty years, one program expanded to more to offer customers additional choice.

Now available nationwide with account owners in every state, Virginia529 is the largest 529 plan, managing more than $55 billion in assets.

Every day VA529 seeks ways to assist families through program enhancements, technology improvements, education and scholarship.

The winner of the 7th Annual Tuition Raffle will receive an Invest529 Contract valued at $50,000. There are no state residency or beneficiary age requirements for enrollment in an Invest529 Contract! Money saved with Invest529 may be used for many types of qualified higher education expenses including tuition, fees, housing, meal plans, textbooks, computers and related equipment, required supplies, special needs services and tuition at private or religious K-12 schools. For complete information regarding the eligibility and use of a VA529 Invest529 Contract please contact VA529 directly.

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