Sunset with Legendary Santa

Sunset with Santa is a ticketed program which allows a limited number of families to share in the delight of Legendary Santa without having to wait in a long line. Enjoy the magic of watching Legendary Santa come down the chimney along with a picture taking opportunity. The program begins promptly at 6pm or 7pm. Please arrive at Children's Museum Downtown 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Pricing Information

Tickets are $65 for up to 6 family members and must be purchased in advance. For complete details or to purchase tickets call 804-474-7003, beginning Nov.1.

Sunset tickets do not include museum admission. 

Sunset with Santa
Children's Museum Downtown

Tickets for Sunrise with Legendary Santa will go on sale at 8am on Friday, November 1, 2019! 


See the Sunset with Legendary Santa dates and times below!

6pm on Nov. 30
7pm on Dec. 7
6pm on Dec. 13
7pm on Dec. 14
6pm on Dec. 16
7pm on Dec. 17
6pm on Dec. 20
7pm on Dec. 21
7pm on Nov. 30
6pm on Dec. 8
7pm on Dec. 13
6pm on Dec. 15
7pm on Dec. 16
7pm on Dec. 20
6pm on Dec. 22
6pm on Dec. 23
6pm on Dec. 7
7pm on Dec. 8
6pm on Dec. 14
7pm on Dec. 15
6pm on Dec. 17
6pm on Dec. 21
7pm on Dec. 22
7pm on Dec. 23

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