Snow Queen Candidate Rithanya

Read Rithanya's essay below on her passion for the museum’s mission, creativity, and her views on leadership.

In the fast paced world that we live in today, we do not tend to take the time to fully understand the topics that we are learning, and depend solely on memory.  We primarily focus on accomplishing a task at hand without comprehending what the task or subject is, and how it can impact our life.  I cherish the Children’s Museum of Richmond’s mission of learning through play as it allows the children to fully appreciate the knowledge that they receive in an interactive format.  It allows for the children, and the adults, to enjoy their task at hand by taking time to fully embrace the topic of the message needed to be conveyed.  I integrate this mission in my life whenever I help children in the summer youth programs, adult, or people that I meet every day.  I try to create an amusing take, or pictures to help them understand the topic at hand in their own learning style.  I have found that the five or six year olds that I have been responsible for during my Summer Assistantship have many questions, and others cannot sit still during the lessons by the instructors.  Thus, whenever we are in the galleries, I encourage the students to walk around to their favorite pieces, take notes, ask questions, and notice the details in the paintings.  I will then ask them rhetorical questions pertaining to the art piece, and explain the tale behind the piece in an amusing or fascinating method. 

I believe that a leader is a person with characteristics such as dedication, perseverance, honesty, integrity, and being a hard worker.  A leader should be determined and persevere during an obstacle or hardship.  She must be honest and truthful in any circumstance and should be the epitome of integrity for her people.  As a leader, she must be willing to do the task that she asked from her followers, and she should be dedicated to her follower and mission throughout her leadership.  I am the Vice President of my 4H club, and I was a state ambassador for my 4H club in Washington D.C.  Many of my extracurricular activity teachers have put me in charge of leading the class activities and taking the responsibility of making sure everyone in my group has the chance to catch up, ask for help, or practice when the need arises.  I have also volunteered at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  I have developed skills where I tend to be the person who can take charge of making sure all the needed supplies are available at each activity location and I am flexible with my volunteering schedule.  I have also been a student who pushes myself to do and give my very best and I always will.  I also believe that doing what is right to my conscience and following my ethics, morals, and accepting everybody the way they are will lead me on the right path.

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Thanks to a grant from the Mary Anderson Harrison Foundation, the Snow Queen Scholarship of $3,000 is granted in memory of Cameron Gallagher. Cameron grew up visiting the Children’s Museum and Legendary Santa. Her love of children, creative spirit and perseverance will provide an inspirational vision for this year’s Snow Queen. The Snow Queen will serve as a role model for young girls, exemplifying internal beauty and character while reflecting and celebrating the museum’s commitments to inspiring creativity and individuality.

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