Unplugged: Coding Without Computers

Recommended for Kindergarten - 2nd Grade • New STEAM program*

Students will practice using the logical type of thinking employed by those who excel in STEAM subjects! Art and movement are the mediums by which students will explore binary code and the role of a programmer, leaving the technology for later endeavors. Did you know “algorithm” is a fancy term for “instructions”? Take the challenge – learn to code! Students will leave the program with a personalized coded masterpiece.

Teachers - Did you know that current research states that the basic skills of coding, such as sequencing, pattern recognition and if/then conditional logic, should be introduced alongside or even before traditional reading, writing and math? Check it out: https://code.org/promote


K.10 The student will compare two objects or events, using direct comparisons or nonstandard units of measure
K.12 The student will describe the location of one object relative to another (above, below, next to)   

K.16 The student will identify, describe, and extend repeating patterns.
1.14 The student will investigate, identify, and describe various forms of data collection
1.17 The student will recognize, describe, extend, and create a wide variety of growing and repeating patterns.

Computer Technology

  • b)Communicate about technology with appropriate terminology. Use basic technology vocabulary as needed.


*STEAM is a framework for teaching FUNctional Literacy that is based on natural ways of learning and is customizable for all types of educators and students. It has been successfully implemented in PK-12, college classes, museums, after-school programs and with rehabilitation and dementia patients. STEAM is adaptable, bench-marked, measurable and easily reinforces the standards in unique and engaging ways. STEAM ties ALL the subjects to each other in an interdisciplinary way as well as to the full spectrum of the rapidly changing business and professional world. It is a life-long career and life-readiness way of educating and learning that is adaptable to the rapidly changing global world we live in.

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