Rewards of Reading

Recommended for Pre-K - 1st Grade

With the help of Mr. Newberry, our talking book, we will spark students’ interest in reading! After a read-along of an endearing 2015 children’s book, students will help dictate and illustrate their very own story about the day’s adventures.

Students will leave the program with a unique, focus-bookmark that assists in word tracking as well as an age appropriate book. This is not combinable with a Book Bank Request for your class. Teachers will leave with a written and illustrated class story.


K.1 The student will demonstrate growth in the use of oral language.

  • a) Listen to a variety of literary forms, including stories and poems
  • c) Participate in oral generation of language experience narratives.

K.5 The student will understand how print is organized and read.

  • b) Identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.
  • c) Distinguish between print and pictures.
  • d) Follow words from left to right and from top to bottom on a printed page.
  • e) Match voice with print (concept of word).object.

K.9 The student will demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts.

  • a) Identify what an author does and what an illustrator does.
  • b) Relate previous experiences to what is read.
  • c) Use pictures to make predictions.
  • g) Discuss characters, setting, and events.

K.12 The student will write to communicate ideas for a variety of purposes.

  • b) Draw pictures and/or use letters and phonetically spelled words to write about experience


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