My Five Senses

Recommended for Pre-K - Kindergarten

Students become self-aware in this program about our amazing senses! A silly book and mystery story lead us through the many ways we use our senses to figure things out. Students will match physical parts and descriptive words to the five senses, and hold back their giggles when their friends have trouble guessing mystery items! 

Students will leave the program with a “Magnifying (Your Senses) Glass” craft.

VA Foundation Blocks for Early Learning:

K.2  The student will investigate and understand that humans have senses that allow them to seek, find, take in, and react or respond to information in order to learn about their surroundings. Key concepts include:

  • a)  the five senses and corresponding sensing organs; and
  • b)  sensory descriptors used to describe common objects and phenomena.


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