Economics Express

Recommended for 1st - 2nd Grade

This program offers students a better understanding of key economic concepts including needs and wants, goods and services, and producers and consumers. They will use these economic concepts by participating in role play games. In this interaction, students will produce goods to be sold and then buy goods as consumers. For 2nd graders, we also include the concepts of scarcity and bartering. Do your students know they don’t need video games? Help them learn the basics of financial literacy in Economics Express!

Students will leave the program with a picture of their very own “goods.”


History & Social Science
K.8 The student will match simple descriptions of work that people do with the names of those jobs.

K.9 The student will:

  • a) recognize that people make choices because they cannot have everything they want; and
  • b) explain that people work to earn money to buy the things they want.

1.7 The student will explain the difference between goods and services and describe how people are consumers and producers of goods and services.
1.8 The student will explain that people make choices because they cannot have everything they want.
1.9 The student will recognize that people save money for the future to purchase goods and services.   
2.8 The student will describe natural resources (water, soil, wood, and coal), human resources (people at work), and capital resources (machines, tools, and buildings).
2.9 The student will distinguish between the use of barter and the use of money in the exchange for goods and services.
2.10 The student will explain that scarcity (limited resources) requires people to make choices about producing and consuming goods and services.

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