Recommended for Pre-K - Kindergarten

Join us as we bring to life The Leopard's Drum: A West African Folktale. Through dramatic play, students learn to point out patterns in literature and music! Osebo the leopard has a fine drum, a huge drum, a magnificent drum! All the animals covet Osebo's drum, but he won't let anyone else have it, not even Nyame, the Sky-God. So, Nyame offers a big reward to the animal that brings him the drum. Can a very small tortoise succeed in outwitting the boastful leopard?

Students will leave the program with a piece of art that resembles an animal from the story.


K.16 The student will identify, describe, and extend repeating patterns.

K.1 The student will demonstrate growth in the use of oral language:

  • a) Listen to a variety of literary forms, including stories and poems.
  • b) Participate in a variety of oral language activities including choral and echo speaking and recitation of short poems, rhymes, songs, and stories with repeated word order patterns.
  • d) Participate in creative dramatics.

K.9 The student will demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts.

  • e) Use story language in discussions and retellings.
  • g) Discuss characters, setting, and events.

History & Social Science
K.4 The student will use simple maps and globes to:

  • a) develop an awareness that a map is a drawing of a place to show where things are located and that a globe is a round model of the Earth;
  • b) describe places referenced in stories and real-life situations

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