Tuition Raffle FAQ

How much are tickets?  


How long will tickets be on sale? 

From April 15, 2021 through 10:00 am on June 18, 2021.

Do I have to be present to win?

No. Ticket purchasers need not be present to win.

When will the winner be drawn?  

Friday, June 18, 2021 between 11:00 am-5:00 pm at the Children’s Museum of Richmond, 2626 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220.

How can I purchase tickets?

Tickets may be purchased online here or in person at the Children’s Museum of Richmond until 10:00 am on Friday, June 18, 2021.

How many tickets can I purchase?

An individual can purchase as many tickets as they would like. Tickets must be filled out in the name of the purchaser.

Is there a limit to the total number of tickets sold?  

No more than 10,000 tickets will be sold.

What is the value of the tuition contract?  

The value of the Invest529 SM Account is $50,000. For more detailed information about an Invest529 SM Account through Virginia529, visit Virginia529 SM ‘s website here.

Does the winner pay taxes on the contract?  

Yes. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the current percentage of raffle winning withholding taxes. The Children’s Museum of Richmond and VA529 SM are not responsible for the winner’s personal tax fillings.

Who is eligible to be the beneficiary of a VA529 SM Invest529 SM Account?  

There are no state residency or beneficiary age requirements for enrollment. For more information on beneficiary information please visit VA529 SM ‘s website here.

How can a VA525 SM Invest529SM contract be used?  

Money saved with Invest529 may be used for many types of qualified higher education expenses including tuition, fees, housing, meal plans, textbooks, computers and related equipment, required supplies, special needs services and tuition at private or religious K-12 schools.

Is the purchase of a raffle ticket tax-deductible?  

The Children’s Museum of Richmond Tuition Raffle is registered with the Virginia Gaming Commission which stipulates that raffle ticket sales are not tax-deductible.